Healing Island was born through a search for serenity in a world of increasing chaos. Inspired by the abundance of aromatic products found in Sri Lanka – the island home of enchantment – a local cottage industry that focused on producing natural, handmade & hand packaged spa and wellness products began its journey.

Our mission is to create a 100% vegetarian product using the finest, richest and most natural ingredients. Therefore, our products do not contain animal fat or parabens. Using time-honored recipes that blend traditional and natural ingredients with lashes of love and warmth into our handcrafted products, we strive to bring a holistic touch to your wellness routine, that not only make you feel great but also preserves the environment.

Healing Island is a close-knit all-woman team from rural Sri Lanka that brings inspiration, warmth, enthusiasm, skill, commitment, and love to everything that we do. Our artisanal products enable rural women to sustain their families, which is what makes Healing Island so special.

Healing Island is a Fair Crafted, Habitat Friendly, Female Powered product that not only feels great on your body but also makes amazing gift ideas.


“natural – fair crafted – habitat friendly – female powered”